5 Effective Natural Ways, Quit Smoking with Pain

5 Effective Natural Ways to Quit Smoking with Pain

Smoking is a harmful habit that will lead to a variety of health issues. With the risk of life-threatening conditions, smokers and even second-hand smokers have a high risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and over five types of cancer. This is all due to more than 60 carcinogenic compounds contained in cigarette smoke.
However, with proper awareness and motivation, you can heal your body and break the habit. These natural therapies will help you quit smoking without the pain that often comes with kicking the nicotine addiction.

Here are 5 effective natural ways to quit smoking without pain.


Recent studies found that nicotine users claimed to have reduced cravings when they inhale angelica essential oils and black pepper. Studies also reveal that inhaling black pepper essential oil will produce a specific response that is similar to smoking. This helps to keep cravings away.


According to experts, acupuncture is the most effective way to quit smoking naturally. Not only will acupuncture help aid in relief, it will also treat the symptoms of withdrawal such as restlessness, irritability, and jitters. Acupuncture will also help increase serotonin in the brain tissue and plasma to reduce the craving for nicotine.


Studies have also revealed that hypnosis therapy is all an effective natural way to help quit long-term smoking. During a session for smoking addiction, the patient will generally be asked to imagine the undesirable outcomes such as the smell and how your mouth feels dry after they smoke.

Diet & Exercise

Not only will eating a healthy diet give you better health and overall well-being, exercise will help aid in kicking your cravings to the curb. The research found that those who consume more clean produce are more able to steer clear from cigarettes longer than those who didn’t eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables.


Herbal plants can be useful to help aid in smoking cessation. Herbs like calamus, hyssop, and lobelia contain special properties that will help clean and purify the lungs. This is also proven to help fight jitters and irritability that comes with smoking.

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