Since 2003, Naturstopp has cherished one valued principle: to stop smoking with the help of ingredients taken from nature. Made with all-natural ingredients, Naturstopp is manufactured with natural methods that are safe for the body and the environment.
The formula stems from the roots of the Viking Generation and originated from the Royal Palace. This natural aid is manufactured with the use of modern equipment and cutting-edge techniques that meet the highest standards of safety and quality today.
Here at Naturstopp, we make it our commitment to grow and tend to our own herbal supply to meet the best standards for our product. What started out as a small enterprise that focused on quality over quantity, soon stemmed into a major production company that serves international consumers.
Today, Naturstopp has achieved a top leading position in the market in both the Philippines and Europe. Its success has also led to further growth and expansion through export and natural herbal products. With the determination to grow quality herbs and produce quality produces, we strive to benefit society by giving our consumers safe and effective products that are also beneficial to our environment