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What to Expect During Your First Week of Nicotine Withdrawal

Think quitting is easy? Well, guess what – it’s not! That line is true for so many people across the globe are trying to quit but have trouble making such success. With that, we have created a useful guide to help you stay aware of the stages and stay motivated during the process. Once you read this guide, you will understand that it is not as bad as you may think.
Here’s what to expect during your first week of nicotine withdrawal.

Day One

During the first five hours, you will experience cravings as your body is naturally used to expecting nicotine. You will start to feel restless and have trouble sleeping properly as your body tries to get fight the urge.
Instead of sitting or laying down until the cravings go away, start a new routine and take a melatonin supplement to help you get to bed.

Day Two

During the second day, you will begin to feel headaches from withdrawal. Those pesky headaches will cause you to wonder if one cigarette will help relieve the pain and dull the pounding. However, once you give you, the endless cycle will continue. Learn to manage stress and headaches by chugging some water, fit in some cardio, and having a nap.

Day Three

Once you’ve reached the third day, you will start to feel fewer cravings and better as time goes on. However, you must still be patient as there will be urges where you might want to go out and smoke.

One Week of Being Smoke-Free

Once you’ve reached an entire week without smoking, this will be a major success. While it might be hard in the beginning, the longer you go without out, the less craving you will have. Most people often put off their quitting motivation because they are afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. But in reality, once you reach the first week you will soon resist the need for a cigarette.

Keep in mind that many of the withdrawal symptoms will continue throughout the entire process. That is the true effect of the addiction. However, the first week is said to be the hardest to get through as the body will normalize the system.

Weeks Two to Four

As you continue through the process of quitting, you will see that the symptoms will gradually fade during the following weeks. However, you may still experience symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, mentally fogginess, increased appetite, stomach upset, and mucus production.

Week Five and So on

Once you have finally passed the entire first month with success, the path will become much easier to take. That is a major celebration as you will have made it through the intense stages of withdrawals. You may also see that the mental and physical symptoms will have calmed down after the first month.
Are you ready to quit your habit once and for all? What are your reservations? Comment below and let us know!