How it Works

Naturstopp is a natural aid to stop smoking without the harmful effects of withdrawal. As a food supplement, Naturstopp offers a please taste that will help you stop smoking in no time. With Naturstopp, you can quit the habit of smoking without major motivation, stress, unpleasant cravings, and weight gain.
Does it really work? Here’s how:
Enlightens Your Sense of Taste

Naturstopp will alter the cigarette smoke as an unfamiliar and unattractive taste. As a result, it will react to distaste and lead to you feeling less interested.
Reduces the Craves
As your body craves for nicotine, the craving will gradually decrease and allow your body to detox the nicotine from within.
Stimulates Your Metabolism
Naturstopp will stimulate the metabolism in the body during the use to prevent your cravings from leading elsewhere. This will also help curb appetite and reduce the risk of weight gain.
What Happens When You Use Naturstopp?
Once you use Naturstopp for the first time, you will begin to notice the decrease in craving for a cigarette. The objective is to continue using Naturstopp every each meal to sustain the feeling. The craving will gradually decrease and appear less often as your body begins to detox the toxins from the body.
Within 48 hours, you will notice an adjustment of lower Nicotine levels in the body. After two weeks, your body will also begin to normalize without cravings. If you are an avid smoker, it might take a few weeks to full stop smoking. However, an extra bottle of Naturstopp will help aid in times that the craving should happen.