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Top 4 Books to Read if You Want to Quit Smoking

With tons of methods on how to quit, it’s up to you to decide on when and how you want to help yourself quit. With books, you can take your time to comprehend the writer’s influence and motivations to help you drop the habit.
Check out these top 4 books to read if you want to quit smoking.

Positively Quit Manual: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Stop Smoking by Cassius Cheong

The book itself helps to attract your mind by working on your cognitive processes. It allows you to view smoking in a different light and become someone who no longer craves for nicotine.

Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr

With millions of copies sold around the globe, readers praise the book for helping them quit an end to their nasty habit. This book is known to help those in need of motivation to truly get over their nicotine cravings and addiction. Those who have read it claim that it was the only source that helped them. The book offers a unique perspective on how smoking influences people to make poor decisions.

The Smoke Stops here by Jim Lacey

Written as a set of stories to compare, the book provides a compelling reason to give up the harmful habit. Jim Lacey offers stories that intertwine and why it is necessary to quit. This book offers a unique presence that readers will find easy to read. The narrative style also makes it all the more compelling and more interesting than your average self-help book.

You Can Stop Smoking by Jacquelyn Rogers

Writer Jacquelyn Rogers claims that you can quit smoking in just a span of 28 days, no matter how long you have smoked. This bold claim was sure to grab the attention of over a million readers who have since claimed have stopped smoking. She explains her methods of quitting that helped her within four weeks. The easy to read guide shows the necessary steps in great detail.

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