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Truth Behind the So-Called “Safe” Methods of Smoking

Think that certain types of smoking are okay? While there are so many methods, tobacco hurts people. In fact, smoking is among the top causes of deaths in the United States. With so many forms, people assume that some forms are safe. However, that isn’t true at all.

Here’s the truth behind the so-called safe methods of smoking.

Menthol Cigarettes

Menthol cigarettes are no safer than any other form of cigarettes. While they are rather considered as easier to smoke as the menthol creates a cool sensation when the user inhales the smoke. The menthol will lessen the cough reflex and cover the dry irritation that smokers have after they smoke.


Cigars are often viewed as a sophisticated way of smoking and are far less dangerous than cigarettes. However, a single cigar will contain as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes. Most cigars are made of one kind of air-cured or dried tobacco that requires a multiple process of fermentation. While more cigarette smokers inhale, cigar smokers don’t. This will lead to irritation in the nose, throat, and nasal passages.


Kreteks, also known as the clove cigarettes contain the same health risks. Imported from Indonesia, they contain ground gloves, tobacco, clove oil, and other additives. These cigarettes are often used by younger smokers as they give the image of clean and natural options that will attract younger users.

Herbal cigarettes

Smokers used to believe that low-tar cigarettes showed lower health risks. However, studies have proven that there is no decrease of risks in smoking low-tar options. These hand-rolled cigarettes are not any safer than general brands as they also have a high risk of developing larynx cancer when compared to commercial cigarettes.
In fact, some are even sold as “all natural” and marketing with no chemicals or additives. There is no proof that these natural cigarettes are safer and reason that they would be. Even herbal cigarettes that don’t contain tobacco will release tar, carbon monoxide, and particulates that are still dangerous to your health.


Bidis are thin, flavored cigarettes that were first produced in India. These hand-rolled cigarettes are hand-rolled in temburi leafs, tendu, or unprocessed tobacco and tied with strings. Today, they are popularly sold in the U.S. as they offer candy flavors such as strawberry, cherry, chocolate, orange, and licorice. They also tend to cost less than commercial brands and give a stronger buzz from the high amount of nicotine.


Known as narghile smoking, hookah started in the Middle East and Asia. The water pipe is used to burn tobacco and mix with flavors such as mint, honey, fruit, molasses, or licorice. The flavor smoke is popular among young users in the U.S. and is often used at social events. The tobacco mixture uses charcoal, which produces carbon monoxide and other toxins. While it is marketed as a safe method to smoking, it still carries the same health risks.
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